Pilot Reading

Was asked to read a role on a new pilot Glenn Farrington wrote.  He is a writer on "Kickin' It" and remembered my work...which is always the greatest compliment.  But to the pilot!

It was a live reading and the audience seemed to really like it - which is great, because it is hilarious!  There were a few alterations that happened in the live read over the initial table read, but that's the magic of live theatre, and I think the audience picked up on the energy.

Richard Ruccolo, Toby Huss, Jackie Martling, & Adam Shapiro were some of the other funny, funny actors cast in the reading, and I would be shocked if this didn't get picked up somewhere.  The characters are so distinct and memorable that it would be a shame if at least the pilot wasn't shot.

Highlight of the night was getting Glenn to stop reading the stage directions because he was laughing at one of my line readings.  Always a good thing to make the writer laugh!

Can't wait to hear more news on whether it gets picked up, and maybe there will be a reprise of my being involved!