Pilot booking & Face cast!

I booked my first pilot of 2013!  Mighty Med, a new Disney show.  Not sure if I can say the character's name or give out a description yet, so just look at what I've done for Disney in the past, and you'll get the sense of what type of character I'm playing.

What's really cool are the prosthetics I'll get to wear, so I'm going to have a face cast done with Brian Sipe, who's resume is longer than God's.  This guy has done makeup or prosthetics effects for Star Trek, Cabin In The Woods (AMAZING film by the way), Terminator Salvation, and dozens and dozens of others.  Looking forward to the experience, and I'll post some pics of the process. 

I also got some measurements done for my costume.  I got to see a general design, and it looks very sweet.  Kelly is the designer, and he recently designed the witches in the upcoming "Oz the Great and Powerful."

I am very excited about this project, and I hope my work on this Disney project leads to others with Disney...*cough* Star Wars *cough*