Days Of Our Lives - Officer Chen

Had a chance to reprise my role as Officer Chen on DOOL.  Such a great experience.  For those that don't know, soaps are shot very quickly (there's a new episode every day), so pages & PAGES of script are shot each day...sometimes as much as 120 pages.  Compare that to a primetime one-hour drama that normally shoots maybe 8-12 pages a day and the difference is clear.

Daytime dramas are this wonderful mix of on-camera and theatre work - you really don't get re-takes, so you have to be on your game (and quickly memorized!).  The stars are constantly running lines in make-up and hallways, and there's an efficiency to the process that is usually missing on other network shows. 

Not saying it's better or worse, but it's a nice change and a chance to revisit some of my theatre skills that I believe every actor should have as a foundation in their toolbox...or I'm just trying to convince myself that BFA in Acting & Vocal Performance was worth it!