Summer's End Premiere

"Summer's End" is a short film I shot some time ago, but it will have its premiere at the Downtown LA Film Festival on 7/13 at 11:30am at the Downtown Independent Theater located at 251 S. Main St. 90012.  All the info is below, hope to see you there!

 Trailer - Summer's End

Downtown Film Festival LA

Shorts 2: This Thing Called Love

Saturday 7/13 11:30AM

Downtown Independent Theater

251 S Main St, LA CA 90012

The Hotline

Was offered the role of "Fu" in "The Hotline," a project directed by Dash Mihok and produced along with Kerby Joe Grubb.  Josh Hopkins & Chris Pontius are also cast.

Should be a really fun project - Fu is a role I don't often get to read, being a Venice, CA beach-bum type, but I had a ton of fun in the audition room, and Dash & Kerby seemed to like my choices. 

We shoot after the 4th - I'll keep you posted on any more news! 

Hollywood Muscle

Eric The Trainer was kind enough to ask me to help him out on his new Hollywood Muscle workout video.  I gotta say, those exercises were KILLER!   

Truth be told - I had to stop in the middle of an exercise because I was going to throw up!  In my defense, I had barely 2 hours of sleep due to a fussy baby, and not much breakfast, but that doesn't negate how tough the workout was...if you think my physique is on the better side, it is all due to Eric The Trainer and his expertise in getting me into Hollywood Muscle shape! 

I think he got some great footage, and hopefully you guys will check it out once it's posted - I will of course let you know when it is out there on the intertubes.

Wish you all the best, and as always - THANK YOU for your support! 

Muscle & Fitness promo

I just shot a Muscle & Fitness promo for their website, thanks to Eric The Trainer!  Should be up on their site soon, and you'll get to see some behind the scenes of my shoot at Machinima where I get to become Scorpion & Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat a way you've probably never seen them! 

Warner Bros. Digital sent over the actual costumes from MK Legacy Season 2, and they were amazing!  I think the guys they cast were smaller than me though...I could barely fit in some of the pieces - again thanks to Eric! 

I'll post a link as soon as I can.  Thanks to Josh Austin & Alysia Kanemoto for their support on the shoot!


My son is born!

April 29, 2013, at 8:54am, my son Benjamin entered this world!  Words cannot express the joy, amazement, and all-consuming love that I felt when he was born.  My wife was a rockstar during labor and delivery, and I am so very blessed to have the life and love I enjoy. 

Thank you to the doctors, nurses, interns, friends, and especially my mother-in-law for their support and assistance in this tremendous journey!  I am overwhelmed by everyone's well wishes and their generosity in helping us provide a safe and secure home for our son.

He is perfect.

Days Of Our Lives - Officer Chen

Had a chance to reprise my role as Officer Chen on DOOL.  Such a great experience.  For those that don't know, soaps are shot very quickly (there's a new episode every day), so pages & PAGES of script are shot each day...sometimes as much as 120 pages.  Compare that to a primetime one-hour drama that normally shoots maybe 8-12 pages a day and the difference is clear.

Daytime dramas are this wonderful mix of on-camera and theatre work - you really don't get re-takes, so you have to be on your game (and quickly memorized!).  The stars are constantly running lines in make-up and hallways, and there's an efficiency to the process that is usually missing on other network shows. 

Not saying it's better or worse, but it's a nice change and a chance to revisit some of my theatre skills that I believe every actor should have as a foundation in their toolbox...or I'm just trying to convince myself that BFA in Acting & Vocal Performance was worth it!

Pilot booking & Face cast!

I booked my first pilot of 2013!  Mighty Med, a new Disney show.  Not sure if I can say the character's name or give out a description yet, so just look at what I've done for Disney in the past, and you'll get the sense of what type of character I'm playing.

What's really cool are the prosthetics I'll get to wear, so I'm going to have a face cast done with Brian Sipe, who's resume is longer than God's.  This guy has done makeup or prosthetics effects for Star Trek, Cabin In The Woods (AMAZING film by the way), Terminator Salvation, and dozens and dozens of others.  Looking forward to the experience, and I'll post some pics of the process. 

I also got some measurements done for my costume.  I got to see a general design, and it looks very sweet.  Kelly is the designer, and he recently designed the witches in the upcoming "Oz the Great and Powerful."

I am very excited about this project, and I hope my work on this Disney project leads to others with Disney...*cough* Star Wars *cough*

Jim O'Doherty from "Kickin' It"

Had the great pleasure to run into Jim on the lot today.  He's the Executive Producer and Creator of Disney's Kickin It, and I had the good fortune to play the role of Zang Lu on an episode.

First of all, the dude looks great.  As a fitness buff myself, you can't help but notice when people are taking care of themselves.  He's over my age (keeping that secret for ya, Jim), but he's lean and mean.  He was serious about his health from when I was on the show, but he's turned it up.  Guy looks phenomenal. 

As for acting, he had very nice things to say about my work, namely being a big guy that's very funny, and said I'm mentioned in the writers' room a lot.  He also mentioned I might be coming back... 

So that leads me to wonder - Will Zang Lu get his revenge against the Wasabi Warriors?  Will he and Jerry have another epic duel?  Will James and Jason Earles have another epic dance off?  Will James get to gorge himself on Chick-Fil-A nuggets at craft services again?  I guess we'll have to wait and see...

Pilot Reading

Was asked to read a role on a new pilot Glenn Farrington wrote.  He is a writer on "Kickin' It" and remembered my work...which is always the greatest compliment.  But to the pilot!

It was a live reading and the audience seemed to really like it - which is great, because it is hilarious!  There were a few alterations that happened in the live read over the initial table read, but that's the magic of live theatre, and I think the audience picked up on the energy.

Richard Ruccolo, Toby Huss, Jackie Martling, & Adam Shapiro were some of the other funny, funny actors cast in the reading, and I would be shocked if this didn't get picked up somewhere.  The characters are so distinct and memorable that it would be a shame if at least the pilot wasn't shot.

Highlight of the night was getting Glenn to stop reading the stage directions because he was laughing at one of my line readings.  Always a good thing to make the writer laugh!

Can't wait to hear more news on whether it gets picked up, and maybe there will be a reprise of my being involved!

Whoa! I'm having a baby!

My wife and I are bringing a child into the world.  I am overcome with fits of excitement, fear, joy, terror, nervousness, incredulity, and just overwhelmed at the thought that our lives will forever be changed - in a great, magical, couldn't be happier kind of way. 

The first time I felt a kick through Jen's stomach, I was speechless.  I hope that I will always hold onto these feelings and strive to be the best father and husband I can be. 

Whoa.  We're having a baby.

Due May 3rd, 2013.

Sandy Hook...

Sending all of my thoughts and prayers to those devastated by this unspeakable horror.  Unfathomable.  May the outpouring of love, hope, prayers, and yes, even sadness and grief throughout the world flood everyone affected by this tragedy and offer some means of comfort and solace. 

Space Command Screen Test

So today was the day I had my screen test for Marc Zicree and other producers on the Space Command team. 

First of all, it was so much fun.  I got to read with Armin Shimerman, Christina Moses, and Katharine McEwan on Neil Johnson's spaceship set and then got to show off some fight choreography skills with stunt coordinator Steve Bravler, who I knew from my time on the Heroes softball team.

Not sure when a decision will be made, but it's been an enjoyable process to this point.  Special thanks to everyone that voted for me to get to this point.  If it goes further, I hope to do the role and each of the fans proud!  #GetItDone!